Craftsman Style House

Craftsman style house has a long history in America. It has a unique and distinct characteristic that most people love. Its interior and exterior hold specific details that can be found in no other kind of houses. People are lured by its artistic architectural details, such as elegant roofline or front porch. In fact, there […]

13 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Seriously Rival All-White

For Merlin Wright, design director for British firm Plain English Designs, which is poised to launch its very first New York studio this spring, the most beautiful kitchens show restraint. “Some American kitchens focus on elaborate details, which can overpower the subtleties of the architecture,” he tells indoneso. While Wright admits there’s no typical British […]

12 Tips You Need to Know Before Building a Shipping Container Home

Building a shipping container home seems pretty straightforward in theory. There are millions of excess shipping containers laying around in ports around the world, and they are the perfect size for a home. If you want a multi-story or larger square footage home, you simply stack a few shipping containers on top of one another […]