4 Easy-Care Flower Beds

Add color to your garden from spring to fall with our water-wise favorites All-star perennials Late-blooming coreopsis, echinacea, salvia, sedum, and yarrow add vibrant colors to borders from mid-summer into fall. Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ Evergreen in zones 20-24. The graceful, tubular flowers of this low-water perennial attract pollinating insects and hummingbirds. Plant in full sun […]

15 Incredibly Helpful Design & Storage Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Finding design-savvy ways to magically create extra storage space in a tiny bedroom isn’t always easy. While unsightly over-the-door organizers and bulky dressers are always an option (if you squeeze them in), it pays to use your imagination and get creative when coming up with stylish storage ideas. To help make your life a little […]

The 7 Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Living Room

When entering a meticulously designed living room, we feel it right away: the perfect proportions giving the space a certain grandeur, the plush seating drawing us in, each well-appointed seat suggesting long lazy afternoons spent without having to leave the living room… Just like a beautifully directed movie, a well-decorated living room is at once […]